Protecting Railways

Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Solutions For Rail & Metro Signalling Systems

With the understanding that connectivity is a game changer for the railway industry, Cervello is on a mission to protect all connected rail & metro systems against cyber attacks.

Bringing decades of experience in cyber security and the rail industry, our railway-specific technology and security services support global standards and protocols to provide the most complete, accurate, effective and safe cyber defense solutions. Cervello works closely with OEMs and railway operators to ensure cyber security is an integral part of signalling systems, without compromising safety or productivity.


The Cervello platform runs in a non-intrusive and hybrid mode to safely empower railway operators with unrivaled visibility, cutting-edge threat detection and control of their signalling assets. Cervello identifies and alerts about compromised elements within the signalling infrastructure – as new and critical threats are reported for deeper analysis and, if needed, further preemptive measures.

Cervello provides a comprehensive cyber security dashboard to give operators real-time intelligence, forensics and visibility on their overall fleet condition. Our solution continuously assesses vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the signalling architecture, manages the railway assets and configuration, and offers an effective response to threats in order to mitigate risks.


Cervello provides advanced and seamless integration with existing SIEM/SOC workflows and environments
The Cervello Security Orchestration Analytics and Response (SOAR) Methodology


Threat Hunting
Decision Making


Measure Risks
Business Intelligence

Threat Isolation
Risk Mitigation


Collect Data
Determine Condition



Key Benefits


Railway-specific technology

Aligned with global rail & metro standards

Non-intrusive software solution


Generating cyber security insights from day one


Hassle-free integration & deployment


Utilizing organizational data to optimize detection


At Cervello we understand that adding cyber security solutions to railway signalling infrastructure requires the right strategy and understanding of the threats landscape. To help our clients and partners achieve maximum protection, our domain experts provide security services with the peace of mind that their security vulnerabilities are detected and handled.


Risk Assessments
& Reports

Design & Architecture Review


Red Teaming

Penetration Testing
& CISO Consulting


Combining cyber security expertise with railway best practices.

In our eyes, every security challenge requires its own attention and solution. We offer our clients and partners tailor-made solutions, fortified by our unique approach. With a proven track-record as veterans of the IDF elite cyber security units and the rail industry, we consistently explore ways to address cyber threats and keep railways safe over the course of their life-cycle. Thus, we ensure that the problem is tackled hermetically and holistically. Working hand in hand, our red and blue security experts combine the ultimate defensive-proactive team to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art solutions and guarantee passenger safety, increased productivity and brand security.


Roie Onn

CEO & Co-Founder

Roie Onn brings extensive experience in cyber security, with expertise in hacking operations, risk assessments, malware analysis and forensics. Prior to co-founding Cervello, Roie was a Network Security Specialist & Project Manager at the Israel Security Agency (ISA) cyber division. Previously, he served in unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps as a Researcher and Commander of a cyber security team that was awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Prize.

Roie Onn

CEO & Co-Founder

Shaked Kafzan

CTO & Co-Founder

Shaked Kafzan is an expert in embedded engineering, communication, cryptography, big data analytics and machine learning, with over a decade of experience in cyber security. Prior to co-founding Cervello, Shaked was an Embedded Engineer at Argus Cyber Security (acquired by Continental). Previously, Shaked was a Captain in the Elite Technological Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Serving as an R&D team leader, he worked on cutting-edge cyber projects and was awarded the Unit Excellence Award.

Shaked Kafzan

CTO & Co-Founder

Nadav Avidan

COO & Co-Founder

Nadav Avidan has vast operational and sales experience in fields of homeland security and information technology. Prior to co-founding Cervello, Nadav was a Sales Manager at Luminati (a subsidiary of Hola, acquired by EMK). Previously, Nadav served as a Captain and Platoon Commander in a classified unit of the Israeli Special Forces, where he was awarded the Chief Infantry and Parachuting Officer's Award for his achievements.

Nadav Avidan

COO & Co-Founder


Israel Baron

Director of Business Development

Israel Baron brings to the company over 16 years of expertise in cyber security, homeland security and railways. Prior to joining Cervello, Israel was the CISO of Israel Railways, where he established and led the national cyber department. Israel has vast experience in the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) as a Senior Information Security & Technology Officer at the D.S.D.E (Directorate of Security of the Defense Establishment), where he was deeply involved with securing strategic resources and projects of the Israeli Defense Industries.

Israel Baron

Director of Business Development

Eitam Aharon


Eitam Aharon is an expert in application security, software design, embedded engineering and data analytics, bringing a decade of experience in cyber security. Prior to joining Cervello, Eitam was an Engineer in a classified offensive cyber company. Previously, Eitam served as a Captain in the Elite Technological Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps, where he led four teams as the Head of a Software Department with a total of 20 programmers and engineers, working on cutting-edge cyber security projects.

Eitam Aharon


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